Lynda Orr is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.

Originally from Southland, Lynda’s creative journey began early, having received an array of awards during her high school years. Lynda went on to follow her passions and studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Art in Dunedin, laying the foundations for her future career. She later embarked on a trip to work for Disney World in Florida, USA.

Returning to New Zealand, Lynda moved to the Bay of Plenty and continued exploring her passion for the arts, expanding her repertoire into wood restoration and repair, upholstery, themed projects, murals, pet portraits, and graphic design projects.

Being creative is something Lynda was born to do. She loves breathing life into her clients’ original ideas, particularly taking worn-out objects and restoring them to their natural glory. The possibilities are endless.

Her artistic process is rooted in simplicity. She takes a collaborative approach with clients, experimenting and exploring until they are 110% happy with the end result.

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Are you looking for a custom creation? Whether it’s a portrait of a beloved pet, a bespoke artwork, or a personalised woodwork restoration. View a collection of the services Lynda provides, where your vision is her inspiration.